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Welcome to The Dr. Renaldo Epps Consulting Associates LLC, Paralegal Company.  Our goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer while offering knowledgeable and friendly service. We know that you have a choice of paralegals and virtual assistants in the area and we appreciate your consideration. Our hope is that you'll feel confident in our ability to meet all of your expectations and know that our clients are always our number one focus. The Dr. Renaldo Epps Consulting Associates LLC, Paralegal Company delivers support services to solo, small and large practice law firms, home-based business and virtual offices. Whether you need consistent case management or virtual services, we can assist you. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs.  Remember, you may use our services on an as needed, or on a regular basis.



Renaldo Octavius Epps D.RelC
Chief Expericence Officer 

Tel: 610.453.1178



Dr. Renaldo Epps Consulting Associates LLC.


803 North Scott Street Wilmington DE 19805

Tel:  610-453-1178

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